The aim of this site, is to provide a journey through the beautiful county of Devon. This journey, it is hoped, will also provide an avenue for sincere thought about this world and others, that may exist in other dimensions.

We are here, and we are there. Everything of creation or the illusion, as some may view it, has energy, vibration, memory and thought. The ancient peoples of the world understood this and left much information, for future generations to follow. Life, it would appear, tends to repeat itself over and over again. The Earth itself, is indeed, a living planet, consisting of energy, magnetic fields and all states of matter.

The historic county of Devon, provides all types of evolution, from matter to mankind. From beautiful river valleys to high and rugged moorland. The past, the present and also the future.

The county provides much mystery. The unexplained has captured the imagination as long as people can remember. Life itself, what is it’s purpose, what is the point of it, and what happens after the physical body expires. All this, provides good debate and investigation.

Contained within the site are observations both quite deep and some with a sense of humour. It is good to create thought and debate, therefore, if you wish to contribute, feel welcome but please bear in mind the sincerity of this site, and the thoughts of others who use it.

Together the journey of exploration may provide great interest to all.