Psychic Services

The MysticDevon group offer a personal psychic medium service in the comfort, privacy, and security of your own home, with readings of up to around 2 hours.

Our many years of experience cover all aspects of communications channelling— which are, at all times, guided by the spirit-world.

Let a psychic reading bring you comfort and reassurance. Exchange a few quiet words with your loved-ones who have passed-on; words you meant to say that went unsaid, or were never heard.

See and hear the evidence for yourself!


Other Services


Spiritually active property

Many properties are haunted with the vibrations of souls who have failed to move-on peacefully to the next life and who are, instead, caught between worlds. There is no longer a need to suffer in silence. Working with light, and love, we can communicate with them, calm their vibrations and ease their way into the soul-world where they belong.

Lost souls

In our work we encounter many ‘lost souls’. These spirits can reveal themselves at any stage, and we offer them help and guidance to find the light.

Larger group visits

From time to time we are asked to give a demonstration of our work to larger groups, and we are always happy to consider such requests.

Visit preparation

We do not need prior knowledge of topics that you may wish to cover. We are guided only by those in spirit.

No prior experience is needed to participate in the short meditation, or relaxation, routines that precede each session.


The charge for a visit is £75, for up to three people. A further £10 per person applies for larger groups, up to a maximum of 9.

For visits outside the Plymouth City boundary we make a charge of 25p a mile to cover fuel costs.


To book a reading, send an e-mail to: 

We look forward to meeting you. – working for the light