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Plympton Closed Meditation Group

Post by Ray » Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:52 pm

Held Tuesday 2nd August 2016.

The group was taken on a meditation to a beautiful tropical beach. The golden sand, combined with warm crystal blue sea, with waves gently lapping upon shore, gave a feeling of peace and wonderful vibration.

Making a path down the beach to the shore, the gentle motion of the sea, crept between the toes. Walking along the shore line, a place was found to sit and reflect life. Gentle music filled the air, combined with the vibration of a solo singing bowl. A space was created within a golden light of healing, concentrating on love and well being.

Continuing along the shore once again, a return path was made to return from the journey started.

The second meditation, concentrated on sound vibration using a Wing instrument. The chimes relaxing the body as countdown was given into a place of peace and light. Concentrating on the gentle sound, thought was given to a positive outlook in life. Counting up, the journey was concluded.

Our evening came to a close with the selection of a Angel card, which always seems to be appropriate to the person who draws it.
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