Remembrances by Sister Rosa Markus

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Remembrances by Sister Rosa Markus

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Remembrances By Sister Rosa Markus, Written down on 9th April 1947

Sister Rosa: At the evening of a Passover Feast.

Our family has assembled around the big oak-table. According to ancient usage Father pours each of us a glass of wine and puts one extra glass out. “And who is that for?” ask the children. “That is for the coming one, for the promised Messiah!” More questions follow.
We hear with great interest how Father is telling us of the history of our people, of its erstwhile greatness, its fall into sin against the Will of God, of punishments it had to endure thereby, always subject to a new decline and then reconciliation, of Israel’s high mission to pass on the Word of God to following generations and of the great responsibility of Israel. Of the Promised Land, Israel’s homestead and the expulsion of our people from there following its disobedience against GOD. And we hear about HIM in the eternal but the pleasing promise of the redeemer Israel’s.
“Yes, Father, and the other people?” “Those will also be redeemed. HE will redeem all human beings, who listen to HIS word and are doing good.”
This way it was more comprehensible to me: all good people were to be redeemed. Whatever injustice may occur, HE will come, the Messiah! GOD has promised HIM! For HIM the extra wine glass stood in readiness!
The youngest child had the duty to open all doors for HIM, as a sign that HE had been awaited with great longing and that we are asking HIM that HE might not pass by this house, without having entered it.
I might have been 16 or 17 years of age when I was lying awake one night and thought about my life. It was drab and depressing. My youth was looking for coming freedom and enjoyment, becoming strong, to be able to work like others. I was looking for the meaning of my life, for release out of this state and for an answer to all the questions that arose within me and which concerned not only me but
my people. And then – this Divine emissary, the redeemer, when was HE coming?
It became light in front of me! An oval shape of light and I saw into a strange room. It was simple and rectangular and in the corner to the left next to the window stood a corner bookcase with glass doors. A man stood in front of it and took a large book from it. In that moment, when my anxious enquiry became a call for help, he turned around, looked at me with an endlessly gracious, yet serious look and showed me that book. – The picture disappeared. But within me remained a certainty with the promise, which the man had without any words made to me.
I have encountered many religions and world-philosophies. I found something beautiful from many of them. But I waited for something else, which I could not explain to myself: I was waiting for a fulfilment!

1924: I have had to give up my work at a hospital in Leipzig, because I became very ill myself. I took on the nursing of a child of nine belonging to a Doctor in the Isartal in upper Bavaria. But I could not keep on with this work for very long. The state of my own health worsened. The doctors were rather clueless and it was quite clear to me that I could not expect much further help from them.
Then I heard of a family who had moved into the area and had opened a sanatorium. The lady had a wonderful ability. She apparently healed the ill just by a laying on of her hands. For me as a trained hospital nurse, people like that belong to quackery. But – it was extraordinary! The thought about this woman with her healing hands would not leave me. “I want to go to that woman” I said one day, almost quicker than my thoughts could follow.
A friend of mine who was in Heilbronn at the time, was glad that I was ready to undertake something to counter this illness.
The Doctor was glad to be rid of this unsatisfactory case. And so they brought me on 13th November 1924 to this little recuperation home, which Frau Maria Bernhardt had established. Already after we had exchanged a few words, I felt a strong contact, a feeling of safety. After I had been only a short time in that house, I had inwardly the wish never to leave the side of that woman. I had a room on the second floor, where I was mostly quiet. After only a few treatments I could feel an improvement. And how beneficial was Frau Maria’s fresh and natural way.
From time to time Fraulein Irmingard came to me. She was 17 years old then, fresh and radiant and an unusual charm emanated from her. Her activity was house- and kitchen-work generally. She was busy from morning till night and always happy and always helpful. That is how I saw her. She seemed also interested in nursing, because she asked a lot of question about my previous activity. Oh, how there radiated out of this young girl who was almost a child still, this pure femininity, direction-giving purity! Back then, she was in my eyes already that, which a Called One promises to be. But from among us, who does follow that!

“Clear as the water of a fresh spring, firm as the hardness of best steel and sharp as a sword’s point…..... Wonderful!

The other young girls valued in her the pleasant, experienced colleague and the daughter of the house. But those riches, which Irmingard expended with full hands of femininity, obvious to all, through her very being, her presence, nobody recognised and made use of.
I once asked Frau Maria: “Should your oldest daughter actually remain in the kitchen, should she not do something else…?” Frau Maria smiled. “Oh yes, she still has a lot to learn, but at first she should learn about the homely things. Every girl should. I have had to learn it as well and that has only been beneficial. And if my girls should not need that later, then they still have the advantage that they know how to understand others and are not too soft but also not unjust in their demands.
Our two little ones are still school children. Alexander works in the stables, in the yard and the gardens, he chops wood, seals the windows, hammers and tinkers around and tears more holes in his socks and trousers than the other two together. And the little one
prefers to play with her doll, without whom she will not go to sleep in the evenings. But now she is already interested in live dolls.
Down there I have somebody seriously ill, whose little child she is looking after. I can tell you, better than many an adult would manage. The 12 year old Elisabeth, called Marlise, was my daily, welcome visitor. We two tackled all sorts of problems, for instance a possible choice of jobs, children’s nanny, hospital nursing, Christmas jobs, etc. She had already started a Christmas present for her father: she was knitting him wrist-warmers.”
One day during the treatment I put the question to Frau Maria: “Frau Maria, may I ask you something, which may sound somewhat stupid?” “Go on! You would not be able to find anything so stupid that you could not ask it.” “Do you believe in Jesus?” – “Yes!”
“Do you believe that he is the Son of God? I mean so quite different from the human beings, so really Divine?” – “Yes!”
“Now I know that it must be true!” – “Oh, how come?”
“Because you have said so! You know it!”
“I know that. But from where do you believe that I know it?”
“I cannot explain that, but I know it!”
“But….now I still have to ask many, many things. Do you mind? So many things are going round in my head. I am spiritually just as ill with my unsolved questions, as I am physically.”
Frau Maria looked at me for a while. Then she said: “You are right in that. But my husband can answer all your questions better than I can. He can explain everything much better.”

On the next day Mr. and Mrs. Bernhardt came together. That was when it went through me like a jubilation, like a long time reunion! That picture from earlier? That’s who that man was!
But no words would cross my lips, I held it fast within me like something sacrosanct, of which he must be aware in my opinion. Only later did I tell him about it! –
He asked how I was faring, sat himself on my large suitcase and asked what was troubling my heart? Since then the questions have never ended. A long time later Abd-ru-shin teased me about the little
red notebook in which I wrote everything down, whatever I was uncertain about. And I always received an answer, clear, simple and understandable. And always gracious.
“Now what is it you want to know again?”
“Mr. Bernhardt, the word Grail is going round in my head. You have called your house “Grail house”. You mentioned the word Grail a few times the other day. In school I have often heard about the Grail but I must have been too stupid to really grasp it. If I may ask you Mr. Bernhardt, what really is the Grail?”
“I can well understand that you did not fully comprehend that. No human being can explain that to you, other than him, who has the knowledge of the Grail directly. The Grail is the room of the greatest Divine Love. And when it is called a chalice in the legends, then that is not altogether wrong; because all that preserves, all that is active, is power out of GOD and this type of power is Love.
Love and justice are one. Love is a part of justice, and justice is God’s Will. God’s Will is the active Holy Spirit and this holy power streams out of him eternally, out of GOD. In his Creation Law it pours forth in a certain rhythm. You must remember that; because his laws emanate from him and are active over and within all of Creation. It is the same law as that of the seasons, the life of all that is created, from youth to old age, from coming into being to decay – or to onward development. All the living processes in the bodies are in accord with this law: the breathing, the metabolism, etc. The whole of Creation can only continue to exist through this eternal renewal of this Divine Creative Power repeating in its certain rhythm. And this power streams down to us from a distant holy location, the Holy Grail.
I shall write still more about that. This was merely an answer to your question, as far as it is possible for you to understand, or should we say get an inkling of.” Another time: “Mr. Bernhardt, may I…?” “Yes, come along with your notebook.”
“You spoke of the active Holy Spirit. For the Jews the concept of Father, Son and Holy Spirit is something alien. With us it is: The eternal, our God is unique! And everything else is counted as
idolatry! Excuse me if I am saying this straight out. But may I ask you for an explanation?”
“But certainly, You have to even! Because it is the duty of man not to believe blindly, but rather to recognise, to strive for conviction. But the ability of earthly man is limited, because he himself arose within Creation, which has its limitations. But GOD is above this Creation, therefore outside of this borderline. When it is said: You shall not make a picture for yourself etc. then that is absolutely right. A picture of God will always be inadequate, because nobody can ever see him. But his working is something you can imagine.”
The Lord spread out both his arms: “God Father the head, moving his right arm, God-Son, His love embodied in Jesus, moving his left arm, God-Son, the Holy Spirit, the justice. But the whole is still one God, and all that is living is out of Him! You see the old teachings do not need to be turned over, they just need to be properly explained.”
“Mr. Bernhardt, I always feel so wonderfully well with your explanations. You say it always so simply and clear.”
Another time: “Mr. Bernhardt, the other day you spoke to us about the fact that our fate has been created by us ourselves. But I cannot understand that we have all been born into such differing conditions and of such different types. May I ask you for an explanation?”
“Yes, tomorrow evening I shall read to all of you what I have written on that subject.”
And so one knot after another was untied, one question after another. It was just wonderful! Only now did life, the world, just everything receive its sense, its meaning! Nothing was left unclear, nothing without cause and effect, and such an unlimited love streamed towards us out of everything. One felt the tiniest nothing before this great wisdom and love, by which one saw oneself so richly endowed and which one could do no other than strive to thank with jubilant dedication.
How good our Lord also was in dealing with our silly simple-mindedness, I want to quickly bring to light. It shows so clearly the leniency and forbearance, which He in his greatness employed.
Contrary to our human intolerance and preparedness to criticise. A mother with her new-born child had been taken in as guest and been entrusted to me to care for. It was during May and I often put the pram with the child out into the garden. This little person who in spite of his mere three weeks of time on earth, had already been sufficiently spoilt by grandmothers and aunts, because at every peep they picked him up and rocked him, that he often cried so excessively, that the Lord one day said: “That boy is going to get a good hiding from me, if this goes on much further!” I got a shock, because I loved the little one. What to do so as to prevent this catastrophe? – Every time I left the pram in the garden, I asked those patients who were outside to call me immediately the little one became restless. That also happened. It could happen three or four times that I was alarmed, run along and took the boy and went up to the attic, where he could not be heard, should he begin to cry. – On such a flight I met up with the Lord on the stairs one day and he stopped me.
“Tell me, how long were you actually thinking of keeping this method up?”
I was very shaken because I saw I had been found out. Then I said: “Mr. Bernhardt, would you really do it, give such a small child a hiding?”
“What?” the Lord laughed. But then he said fairly seriously: “Is that how much trust you have in me?”
That was when I suddenly realised how stupidly I had behaved. I also admitted that to the Lord and added: “And I do know for certain, if you did give that child a hiding, it would be the right thing!”
“Well, at least something has become clear to you!”
“And how clear! I am ashamed Mr. Bernhardt.”
“Well, that will happen on a few more occasions still.” He said laughingly.
Every week, the Lord often spoke during the mentioned hours about the coming one, about his high mission and the immeasurable blessing that his Word would bring to mankind.
There was always a happy and longing expectation in the room. How richly we were endowed on every occasion, by the time he let us go
after these instruction hours. For everyday life, for our employment, he gave us insights into everything.
Many things that had been on my mind until then, now they became clear. Once, for instance, I was allowed to ask our Lord about the treatment of a dying patient. According to the rules of our forebears a patient must not be touched once the agony has set in. Different doctors though and also some nursing sisters, see the term “faithful until death” in such a way that one should do everything until the final breath, which one would normally do for the patient: washing, combing, moistening their lips, possibly giving injections, etc.
“From the moment of the onset of the agony, the dying person must no longer be touched,” declared the Lord with certainty. “The soul should be able to detach itself quietly, peacefully and completely undisturbed. To see to that is your duty as a nursing sister. Everything else, naturally also the artificial prolongation of life for whatever reason, is a violation of the Law of Creation, which I shall still tell you about.” A big weight had been taken off me, because this problem had been with me for years.
A well-known scientist came to the Lord once. “Mr. Bernhardt, we scientists discuss, debate and analyse and I have the feeling that in the end we finish up in a ball of cotton wool!”
“You are doing exactly that and will continue to do so as long as you do not seek the last explanations above the limitations of this world. But no human being can do that through experimenting and brooding, but only through opening oneself, through humbly receiving.”
“What is energy?” was the question. And the answer followed so simply, clear and great, and the way it was later expressed in the works of the Lord. Understandable not only for men of science, but for everyone, who had still maintained a comparatively healthy ability to perceive and a healthy way of thinking.
That was the way he lived among us, our Lord, as a human being among human beings, He and his second “Ego” Frau Maria, always giving! But the people did not respect their high gifts. They spurned the gold and chased after the glitter.
A lady came who had a small family B&B not far from the Grail house. A very unhappy lady had come to her as a guest. The poor creature suffered from convulsive twitches of her whole body in such a way, that she could not find any peace either day or night. The doctors had tried sleeping pills, hypnosis and suchlike, all in vain. Whether Frau Maria might be able to heal her?
The Lord and Frau Maria spoke for a moment. Then the Lord said:
“The woman can be healed when she herself wants it.”
“When she herself wants it?” I asked, “she must be over the moon when she is free from this inhuman plague “
“That is your opinion!” said the Lord seriously. “But it is not certain yet whether she really wants it. This woman is not ill at all but is rather possessed! “Possessed?”
“Yes! She is a weak soul, that means a human soul who was sluggish and has given a dark entity from the beyond power over her, which now constantly tortures her. She herself is no longer able to detach herself from it. Also an unknowing human spirit cannot do it, only a knowing one who possesses the strength and purity before this dark entity. I could free her within one moment; if she wants to be relieved, she can come here the day after tomorrow, Thursday morning.”
I was so happy to be able to pass this message to the lady and could hardly wait till Thursday. I had seen her unhappiness and felt deep sympathy for her. What a dreadful life that must be to be constantly shaken and pulled without respite – and now to be able to be freed!
At last the longed for moment was there. The lady came but she looked like a frightened animal. She said she could not come to Mr. Bernhardt, she was afraid! I did not know what to say for sheer disappointment. That was when I saw something around her neck, broad, slippery, shimmering in uncertain colours and yet as if covered by grey mildew. It placed its claws around her neck and breast. I could understand the twitching now!
“I am afraid, I cannot, I will not!” she shouted and ran outside.
“Do come to your senses”, I encouraged her outside, “this is the only help that you can get! You will seriously regret having been so foolish.” “That may be! I believe so myself. But I just cannot. “ and off she went.

The Lord only said: “There you could see for yourself how the human beings are often attached to the Darkness. She is possessed, which means that a dark entity has taken possession of her through her own inner inclination, through her preparedness.”
“Are there many like her?” “Millions and more millions!”
Frau Maria added that the worst of it is that these dark entities are constantly on the look-out for further victims, but can only snatch away those who are not putting up any resistance.
I could not send any further thoughts to this lady, neither helpful ones nor those of sympathy, so as not to form a bridge to this dark entity. So, away with it!
But during this experience I had seen mankind, or at least a large part of it, as if in a mirror and – I was shaken !
Gradually many people came to Abd-ru-shin with questions, that it would have been disturbing if he had to attend to them each time. On the other hand he enjoyed seeing that there was still life in some of the human spirits and he genuinely wanted to give answers. He therefore put a certain time, Thursdays at 8:00 pm aside. That was when everybody was allowed to come to receive questions and answers. These hours remain unforgettable to me.

One day a Pastor came to the Grail House and wanted to speak to Mr. Bernhardt. The Lord received him and heard that the man wanted to know whether he intended to let his children come to the confirmation lessons? And why? The Lord said very quietly: “I would have no objection as long as I can convince myself that the teacher really has something to give to my children, which will be of value to them. Therefore may I ask the question: What are the children learning there?”
The answer was a prolonged torrent of words, an appeal to the Lord’s responsibility for the spiritual well-being of his children and an admonition to his duty as a father. “Yes,” said the Lord. “just because I take my responsibility very seriously, I would like to know what is being taught in these lessons, so that my children are not told things, about which they already know more than the tutor. For instance, how do you explain the Holy Trinity of God, the ten Commandments and many more things?” asked the Lord.
The answer came at first very thoughtful. The Lord in his wisdom added a few words, which got rid of all the mysticism and uncertainty. And the Pastor could do no other in the end than to say: “All in all, Mr. Bernhardt, I had not expected such things nor had I known them. May I come to you again? Not in order to teach you something but to learn.” “You will always be welcome Pastor!”
But who did not come again was the Pastor. How could such a scholarly man let himself be taught by a “layman”? In this way mankind were passing by their salvation, the one promised by God, whom they were expecting! One lot were waiting for the Messiah, the others for the Son of Man. And so they are still waiting, dreaming, sleeping, oversleeping!
30th May 1925: the first Dove-Festival on earth! It is difficult for us human spirits, if not impossible, to really grasp this thought!
A mighty Closing of a Ring occurred in that moment when our Lord, the Son of Man IMANUEL, opened the High Festival for the very first time on this earth! In a world-wide distance He appeared to me, and yet stood before us in human form, was the same as always – and yet HE was not! GOD-Son ! HE was the one!
We now stood opposite him, I only saw his luminosity, which was ONE with Maria, heard his voice, the voice of our Lord, the voice of GOD! “High above in the Grail Castle, in my Light Homestead a Festival is being celebrated today!”

He spoke of the festively adorned halls of the Castle, spoke of his and Maria’s high mission, to bring the Truth, the Holy Word, the
redemption of all the Creation, to re-establish the connection between God and those human spirits who are of good volition, to show them the way to the Light. “And you here are to help us in that!”
He spoke of the great mercy, of the help and the responsibility, which became ours through the Sealing. Then He undertook the Holy Act.
Always, whenever I think back, I feel his luminous sign on my forehead. His power of blessing above me. – This was not then, it still is! Will be so eternally! May His grace help me towards that!
The Lord then called Irmingard to Service for the Holy Grail (Golden Cross). Slowly, word for word he spoke the vow for her. It felt grand and mighty. And Irmingard repeated it. Almost shyly, but clear and distinctly.
The moment came near when the Holy Dove appears above the Grail, the happening that renews and maintains everything living. I felt as if I would have to spiritually descend on myself, I was so overcome, when IMANUEL lifted the chalice. Inwardly I was clinging to Frau Maria, which she also perceived, as she told me later.
His Divine eye had long seen the dreadful danger into which our human thoughtlessness, vanity, our wanting-to-know better, thirst for knowledge and faithlessness threatened to draw us. Although he was living quietly and friendly among us, often also entered into our expressions of suffering and joy, and occasionally also took part in our social get-togethers, invariably only to help us, so did on occasions the deep seriousness show through his words, and the beyond-earthly glow of his dark eyes could have an almost threatening effect!
I remember a New Years Eve party at Family…X.., to which the Bernhardt family had been invited and I was allowed as well. It was 1929/1930. At midnight the host rose, lifted his glass and expressed congratulations in beautiful words, especially to the high guests. One or two others spoke in a similar vein. The Lord then rose, lifted his glass and said: “I bring you the wish that none of you will take a crash and fail during this year!” Still and in seriousness did the little party end.
In the same year the host crashed out, who was a Disciple of the Lord!
We celebrated the Festival of the Dove 1927 . We decorated the table in the work-room of the Lord, in which the Festival was to be held, during which Alexander and Elizabeth were being sealed. Their childhood was now over. It seemed to me as if the two saw things with other eyes, more knowing, more responsibility-conscious, as they carried the holy sign on their forehead.
The change-over from “Du” to “Sie” was almost self-evident, calm and beautiful did the day end.
As ever, it was hardly comprehensible to me that I was permitted to experience this important act of the renewal of power, which was anchored here in the only place within subsequent Creation.
More and more young people turned to Abd-ru-shin. He really did work day and night in order to get the Grail Message into print, “because it was the time for it” – He felt this very clearly.
The karma of mankind formed itself to a closing of the ring! Those human spirits who still carried the possibility of an awakening and a rescue from the approaching confusion within them, were in need of a signpost from the Light, the clarity of the firm guiding hand of Divine Justice and Love. They were in need of the Grail Message.
Many were led to Abd-ru-shin as if by miracle. But the Darkness too knew how to find Him, and formed his days on earth into a path of suffering. – Even today it is still incomprehensible to me, how so much slander, hate and falsehood could be turned against Him, who took our self-constructed spiritual burden from us and wanted to make our eyes seeing and our ears hearing again. This obvious unmotivated hissing up alone is one of the most telling proofs of the high mission of Abd-ru-shin; because the Darkness must hate the flare of Light, which illuminates its lowliness and destroys it.
With hypocritical gestures did they approach Abd-ru-shin or Frau Maria also, sufficiently often they also accepted their help. But as soon as in the circle of those also learning, their own personality did not sufficiently come to the fore, or one of their own world-views or similar ideas was not found to be right, they did not shy away from spouting the most despicable and spiteful slanders. That they also could not leave us, his pupils, in peace was only a natural side effect.
The Darkness had managed in its working to penetrate into the closest proximity of Abd-ru-shin, into his own home. A woman, who was clairvoyant, who was to serve the Triune directly here on earth as the highest subsequently created human spirit, to be a mediator and a bridge – she failed! She had been spiritually carefully prepared, equipped with all the abilities that she required, and which never again were given to any one human spirit.
To the Triune, directly born out of the Light, any dark activity and low form of thinking was completely alien. – Only after many bleak experiences did the Lord and Frau Maria realise that their most elevated servant had failed and had severely damaged them. How isolated must the Light-born have felt! And that was the beginning of their great work of redemption, the Holy Mission of the Bringer of Truth!
Led by the help from the Light, more and more seekers approached the Triune, among whom were many who were spiritually meant for service to the Grail. If one considers that such conduct has taken place to a specially formed human spirit, then it is really incomprehensible that such a person does not do everything to appear worthy from sheer gratitude to be allowed to serve the Lord.
It is hard to understand that this permission to serve does not altogether form the meaning and content of one’s whole being. How can it be that he allows the Darkness power over his “Ego”, which it would never have without this permission. Since in reality he possesses no power of his own, all power only coming from above, from the Light! And yet that did happen!
One has to have co-experienced this dreadfulness, to even really believe it! –
One Called one after another arrived. All were more than happy in the recognition of the high grace, which their soul clearly perceived.
Like a creeping sickness did the Darkness work, or better said, like the snake, of which the bible already tells and warns.
It came the way it had to come! The Vomperberg by the Inn in Tyrol was designated to become the abode of the Lord on earth. From here the Holy WORD was to go out and from here it was to be announced!
It is the place that was already seen by blessed ones thousands of years ago, and of which some had already told.
Again a ring was closing among world-events, when in those March days of the year 1928 the Lord’s family moved into the friendly, still country house. Filled by their mission to bring to mankind the promised redemption from God-Father, redemption from those bonds, which they had laid upon themselves.

30th May 1928 So many guests had turned up for this Dove Festival, that the small Dining room could hardly hold them all. They had requested the Lord to let them take part in the High Festival. He let them come in his goodness, although it had been his intention and wish to be able to have a longer spell simply to work undisturbed. In the course of the year there followed many ring closures during the Festivals. On 17th September 1928 the Lord placed the black cloak on Frau Maria’s shoulders. It was the day of their becoming one. The Lord and Frau Maria took the new rings.
I perceived these Holy Events as the first joint steps homeward. Though I knew that there was much to be fulfilled on earth, in spite of that it seemed to me as if in those hours they were already somewhat removed from this dark world of matter.
During this Festival the first Callings for service to the Grail took place.
Ever more Grail adherents reported from all sides; from all countries letters of appreciation, of gratitude, of promise arrived for our Lord. But on all sides the Darkness was also lying in wait. The Lord knew it. His words at one Festival sounded like a serious, fiery admonition: “Beware yourself mankind, for your hour has come!” Fulfilment after fulfilment took place.
23rd August 1929 . Twelve human spirits received the second Call, the Call to follow Him as His Disciples. “As once Jesus called to His Disciples, so I am calling as IMANUEL:
“Come and follow Me!” He called them to His flag to take the Holy Vow with the words: “Promise faithfulness without words, since true faith cannot be limited by words!”

I admit that I did not fully understand that the Lord during the bestowal of the Disciple’s crosses spoke further, admonishing, almost threatening words, which ended: “No mortal can crash deeper than one who fails and who has worn this cross!”
Because the guidelines, which he expressed in serious and clear words, said everything: “In serving you must not know man, nor woman, nor children, sister, brother or friend. You must be full of only one thing, the duties towards your God.”
That really does say it all! The same also the previous words: “I must be able to fully trust you!” And how did I have to later learn to understand just that threat!

7th September 1930. One of the most moving Festivals was the Naome-Festival during which Irmingard received the Divine Spark, with which through her the Triune was eternally closed, with which at the same time she was removed from mankind as such.
“It is you I serve LORD, my life!” was how I heard her vow. But it appeared to me as if it was far away from the earth, where I heard it. And thereby was allowed to view the radiant form of the Pure Lilly!
God-Father’s all-wise, all-gracious providence had prepared rings for blessed, well prepared human spirits, who like strong waves were to serve and protectively surround the Holy Triune. At their head stood the White Knight.

Never, never ever could the Darkness have got near the Holy Mountain, never could nor should any suffering have been endured by the Triune, if those chosen ones had not failed! This whole thing is so disgraceful, so appalling, that there are hardly words for it, let alone
any explanation. Even during the last months, when the failure was already quite obvious, when from cowardice and fear even highly Called Ones let themselves be thrown into the dust by tools of the Darkness, I saw the Lord with Fraulein Irmingard enter the house of a Disciple-pair, which could already be counted among the lost ones. A little later I encountered the Lord outside on the path. He waved me over. “You were surprised that I visited that couple. I want to answer your unspoken question: The healthy ones don’t need the doctor!
The rest you can work out for yourself!”

With my completely untrained hand, I have tried to write down memories from the time of my seeking and finding. Now I want to again follow the up-building of the Grail settlement in the way I experienced it.
The purpose of this settlement and its aim the Lord has clearly explained in his essay “My aim”. “Hoard of Peace” He calls this place. I am gripped by a deep pain every time I read those words, because what have the human beings made of it?
When I moved to the Mountain in the spring of 1928, nothing was there except the Lord’s house. Next to it a small servant’s house, with stable, laundry room and feed store. And next to that, diagonally opposite, a woodshed.

The Lord worked non-stop at His work. And Fraulein Irmingard was his only helper. Early in the mornings, late in the evenings, whatever the time, one always saw her taking down His dictations. Also to settle the large amount of correspondence with Him. The latter also occupied much of Frau Maria’s time. She oversaw the household, for which she had two girls at her disposal.
Hens, ducks, geese were seen to by Fraulein Elizabeth, the present Mrs. Vollmann. She also milked the four goats. Herr Alexander looked after the horse. Later there were two, then three. And a donkey was added to it. I herded the goats, did some knitting too, led the life of a “geiser”, which is what goat herds are called in Tyrol.
In what a beautiful, loving way was I introduced into the world of the animistic. A world, which I found incredibly lovely, which as a big-city-child I had always hankered after. Without thinking and without
particularly noticing, this love awoke within me to animals and plants, to earth and rocks. Miracles opened up to me!
One family had asked permission and been granted it, to move onto the Holy Mountain and live there. They got a small flat in the neighbouring house, which they happily exchanged for their hitherto big, luxurious town house.
Soon a second family asked permission to live in the proximity of the Lord. It was granted to build a little house on the Grail plateau. So they came, one after another.

Two rows of houses were being built. All were allowed to have their abode here, close to the Triune, to serve them, to ease their earthly path and to lead a life that should be exemplary, fundamental for all Grail adherents, for all of humanity.
The old woodshed had to make way for a nice, large building, the administration. There some nice reception and work rooms were furnished for the Triune. And – never again have the Lord’s family been able to work so undisturbed and in peace as in the friendly rooms of their homestead. Without being surrounded by all the adherents, who would often hang on them like lead.
Yes, it was nice in the first two years, when the Lord rode out in the mornings with Fraulein Elizabeth and Herr Alexander. Fresh and happy they returned. And soon everybody was back at their work.
How well also the animistic perceived the Lord’s personality and loved His presence, one could observe frequently. He gave himself and us sometimes the pleasure, during a walk to place himself before a hole in the ground, where crickets were living. He then called them out and it was funny to see when the small head came into view and the round eyes looked up at Him.
The deer in the forest often came very close to Him, even when He had His Dog with Him. The horses whinnied when they heard His voice. The pair of peacocks stood promptly by the little stone steps next to the front door as soon as the Lord was in sight. These moments are unforgettable to me! As a rule the Lord also had a piece of bread, sugar or similar with Him for his animals. – He had never really trained the dogs, but they obeyed Him, Frau Maria and Irmingard completely. – And if I ever had the great good fortune that
any of them looked in on me, then my canary was singing at it’s most joyful, fairly jubilant!
When I had travelled at Easter with a patient to Innsbruck for a few days, Frau Maria had the little bird moved over to her, so it was not so lonely. The others laid flowers, Easter-eggs and Easter-bunnies around the birdcage on Frau Maria’s table. Most unlike him, the bird cried and yammered and fluttered around anxiously, until the Lord came in. “Well, can’t you see how the little bird is suffering? Such a tiny Creature and in front of it lies this colossal red, silk embroidered Easter-egg. It simply has to be frightened.” The egg was taken away and “Seppel” sang his most beautiful song for the Lord. Such is the Love of the Triune, and therein lies the all-embracing understanding.
Once the sovereign family stood in the garden with some of us, when a hedgehog mother with her offspring joined us and placed herself directly in front of the Lord’s feet. The Lord spoke to the animal and admired its beautiful child. It immediately turned round and fetched a second one, a third and a fourth youngster. Then it just settled down and enjoyed the Lord’s words of praise. How good and heartfelt these were, they would not only make an animal-mother happy. They would also have been able to warm our ponderous and unperceptive human hearts!
During such moments, when the Lord was speaking with the animals, I saw him really completely happy. There was nothing dampening, nothing disappointing, which could place itself between the purity of His love and his creatures, as with us human beings.
When he was with Mira, the German shepherd bitch and Friedel, the mastiff, walking in the garden, and when then the deer and pair of peacocks and the ducks joined them, all in peace and harmony, one could never see enough!
Dani showed of his most daring jumps, ran off, came back, Leo the peacock unfolded his tail and displayed the beauty of his plumage, and the dogs snuggled up to their master and admired the whole. But the ducks enjoyed their well-being, searched, whatever they could find useful, once in a while glided across the water, took a dive, came up again, etc.
Across in the horse-enclosure the horses were playing about, as was Ali the donkey, and it was an odd sight to see these big animals
enjoying rolling about in the meadow, getting up, chasing one another, whinnying a.s.o. And up above the snow white doves were flying about. All were thanking our Lord with what they had been given and had to offer. And we human beings?
In the purity of this atmosphere even the influence of our human spiritual kind as well as the animistic gained in importance.
Once, when I was collecting herbs, I finished up in the middle of an ant heap. In no time at all the ants were scrabbling up my legs, it was quite wild. I stood absolutely still and just said: “I want to just see who of you will dare to molest me when I am collecting herbs in the service of the Lord.” A few moments later I was totally free of my guests. I only said: “Thank you that was nice of you!”
I once came to the Triune and mentioned that a wild lady’s mantle was growing behind the neighbouring house. It was only very small but it was an excellent healing herb.
“So, and ?” “Yes, well if the Triune were to pass once or twice by that spot, I am sure the animistic will use the Light power in the right way. Please. Please.” They fulfilled my request and walked a few times past the mentioned spot. – After just a few weeks I had the great joy to be able to bring a whole bunch of lady’s mantle to the Triune, so large and so magnificent, the likes of which I had never had before. That little walk was willingly repeated a few more times. Every time with the same result!
I had found a place in Vomperloch, which was a little Eldorado for herbs. I often went there with some companions and always returned well laden. But one day the Lord said to me:
“Where are you off to today?” “To the Vomperloch, to this and that place.”
“No, you will not go there, nor the others, at this time nobody should go there. Because the animistic are working a lot there and do not want to be disturbed. Anybody who does go there, place themselves in danger.”
Naturally, I passed this warning on and we kept away from that place. About 14 days later a rock fall had gone down. Our nice herb collecting place was completely submerged. If we had been there at
the moment of the collapse, we could all have been buried under the masses of earth that had come down.
For the Cosmic Turning Point it was once spiritually announced that from the side of the higher Animistic an act of homage would be offered in the gross material, in the form of three strikes of lightening.
There followed shortly afterwards a thunderstorm with three exceptionally severe lightening strikes. One of them was so powerful, that I ran from my room to the Lord’s house, with the feeling that something extraordinary had happened. I came into the Lord’s work-room. He stood there by his desk. His entire form was wrapped in this silvery white light. The Lord looked at me questioningly. I said that I had only just wanted to see them in that moment. – The Lord then showed me the electric bell wires on the wall and ceiling and the alarm clock. Everything was blackened. The ladies said that the lightening had completely encircled the Lord! “That really was something”, I said still somewhat in shock. “Yes,Yes”, said the Lord, “that is the language of Mercury!”

With endless effort and patience, endless grace but also strictness, the Lord undertook the work of educating us, big and small. He set the guidelines for the nursery, He decided on the school curriculum and also the further education of the young people. Always in that place where they could develop best. For us adults (Crossbearers) he had set aside certain evening hours, where questions were put before us, which he had sometimes written down himself but in part had also come from others, of our own circles.
These hours were held in the music room and we often sat outside in the passage during them, when our Lord and Fraulein Irmingard, quietly and unnoticed, listened to us in order to hear how we were openly speaking and how we were developing. The Lord himself also sent his questions and answers in writing, which we had answered insufficiently. These questions and explanations were of course of enormous value for us. But who of us has really grasped them, so that they came alive in our actions?

“Every Called One shall be former of my Will!” What is gratitude? Is it a virtue or a duty? Are you now ready and prepared for action?
I was always inwardly quite disturbed after these hours and had to sit and pull myself together again. I became so conscious of our whole amateurism, our hopeless narrowness and especially the last question filled me with anxiety. For all of us, without exception.
The Lord had it easier than with the adults, in the education of the little ones. Especially the Kindergarten was a source of joy for Him, but also for the high Ladies. How the eyes of the little ones shone when they came tripping along, friendly chatting or singing. In these small human beings already the concept of being allowed to serve, of the not-only-taking but also giving, was being implanted and with it the joy of it all.
Miss Hertha, their faithful understanding guardian, told them for instance, that flower fairies had placed something fine into many flowers that could make ailing people or animals better and happy again. Then the whole group marched off into the woods, each with a little paper bag or pouch. And it was touching to see how carefully and reverently they picked blossoms and leaves, with the greatest care, so that nothing should be unnecessarily destroyed for the flower fairies.
On the way nails and screws were picked up and put into a little carrier Miss Hertha had always ready. I once saw them doing that.
“Do you know what nails on the road can do? If a car comes along and drives over them, then they make a “poke”, and then the tyre is kaput”. That’s why! – and at the end of the week, the whole Kindergarten went in a triumphant march to the forge, to deliver their riches of old iron so that something else could be made of it. – So those were the first works of these happy little humans, for the benefit of the general well-being.
The school children were given different kinds of work, always according to their age. But nothing was stiff or lifeless so that it felt forced. Everything they were allowed to learn was a gain, a present. All tried to do their best, even if it did not always turn out that way.
The 8 – 9 year old girls were once thrilled by pillow lace making, which the older ones had learnt and asked the teacher to show them as
well. They had to be put off. One day the teacher entered the classroom and saw all her hopeful pupils lace making. Everyone had got an empty cardboard tube from a toilet-roll and some old threads and pins and were now attempting to copy the bigger ones and hoped soon also to be able to show off home-made lace.

If any special ability or drive to do something was discovered in any child, the opportunity was offered to develop it. And so the one got piano lessons, another violin or painting lessons for a third. A 4th. learnt and helped in the Kindergarten. A 5th. looked after babies. A 6th. learnt to run a household, a 7th. in the garden, others in carpentry, blacksmith work etc. In joyful activity, the work was nevertheless taken seriously, never to be mixed up with playtime. That was the education the Lord had stipulated. I wonder whether many of our erstwhile scholars are still clear that they received a treasure for their whole life?

The education of the adults was, as I already said, much harder for the Triune. Self-love, wanting to know better and laziness unfortunately often got in the way between the always giving and wanting to help and the human beings who failed to recognise all the help and the goodness which was being offered them. Only here and there appeared some truly humble seeking with questions.
But it was often wonderful to see and to hear how simple and clear and gracious the Lord put the ones concerned in their place. It was in moments like that, in such simplicity, that I became really conscious of the greatness of the Lord.
A man came seeking to the Lord one day, led to him by help from the Light. That much was quite obvious. He had many heartfelt serious questions. He had a job as a businessman and I want to repeat here just one of the answers that were given to this seeker.
“The businessman of the future will receive his gain from the benefit accruing to his customer!”
What a perspective does this one sentence open up! What wisdom lies in it. The Lord then still spoke about the beautiful task that the businessman of the new kingdom would have. To be the mediator between peoples and countries across the whole earth. Material and
spiritual values would he have to trade from one to the other. While the unclean competitive zeal and the addictive obsession with self-enrichment to the disadvantage of his fellow-men would be impossible and a thing of the past.
The man was beaming with happiness and thankful. “If only we were that far!” “Yes, but mankind has first still a great deal to learn! And it will not happen voluntarily!”

December 1929: The big Christmas cleaning of the house was nearly over. I was sitting with a little boy, who just happened to be visiting, in the dining room cleaning the silver. Suddenly the bell rang. The maid opened and two Police officers came in. They demanded to speak with Mr. Bernhardt. The rest of us were also to remain in the house, we were all going to be interviewed.
The at that time 15 year old Elizabeth ran to the Lord, while the two officers were led upstairs.
“Father, if they ask us all sorts of questions, what shall we tell them?”
“The Truth, nothing else! We have nothing to hide.” That was all the Lord could say, then he was being interviewed.
Fraulein Elizabeth came down into the dining room. Frau Maria had also entered in the meantime. In the way typical of teenagers, Fraulein Elizabeth made fun of the stupid questions the two men were asking. “Mother do the Police not have something more sensible to do?”- “Oh child, you don’t see yet how serious all this is!”
After the Lord and his family, I was interviewed. What the man asked me was: “Do you also believe that this man is something super-natural?” “No, He himself does not believe that either; there is nothing super-natural. And I can think of nothing more natural than this man and his family. “Mr. and Mrs. Bernhardt, do they get a lot of visitors? – “Yes, there are frequently visitors.”- “Hm, and the ladies are always received by Mr. Bernhardt? And the gentlemen by Mrs. Bernhardt?”- “No, that would be against the Grail principle. And also, for what reason would they be doing that?”
Silence! – The interview was soon over. I was deeply saddened and at the same time disgusted by the base thoughts with which the Darkness sought to besmirch the Purest, the Holiest.

The pair were transferred to the Innsbruck prison, I can still see Herr Alexander as his parents and the Police officers in the yellow vehicle drove off to Schwaz. This sad figure of a young man offered a deeply moving sight. Frau Maria returned five days later. The Lord seven days later. To us it seemed as if it had been weeks!
I once asked Frau Maria how all of this was possible? And she said: “Ach, a lot more things will become possible. I have asked that myself when they fetched us!”

I was hearing spiritually: Even the best cannot live in peace, if that does not suit the bad neighbour!
The later arrests through Hitler’s vassals in the years 1936 and 1938 were carried out in the brutal, ruthless way, which we came to know more than enough from that domineering, restricted, self-assured side. The most fanatical lies and rumours about the Lord, about his aims and objects, about all of us, were being believed. There was no sensation so stupid that it did not find willing and believing listeners. One was searching for instance for secret political writings, for hidden weapons, costly jewels and other assets. Everything, everything was ransacked. Walls and floorboards were ripped apart etc. Since naturally everything remained without result, some of the searchers were mouthing off less, but the fury from the disappointment became greater. But some, very few, of the SS guards were ashamed, after they had convinced themselves through their stay on the Mountain about the personalities of Frau Maria and Fraulein Irmingard and our whole style of living. It often happened that such a young lad would say: “We are really ashamed before you, nobody can speak ill of you. You are living so sensibly and quietly and we invade you and remove everything. How come that you are letting all this happen to you so calmly and relaxed?”
“These are all only earthly goods, which we must sooner or later leave behind anyway. The real treasures you cannot take away from us!”
Once again I would like to go back in my record and describe my last unforgettable meeting with our Lord on this earth.
I had gone to Mrs. R. for a quick visit and was on the point of leaving, when the Lord entered. “It is good that you are here”, He said friendly and seriously, “If I had not met you just now, I would have had to send for you. Do a lot of reading in the Message! With that you are helping yourselves and others. You see, between this earth and the Paradise there are no schools where the Word is interpreted and explained. When the human beings on this earth now read in serious seeking in the Grail Message, then spirits are joining them who have the same intention, but have not yet reached the maturity for entry into Paradise, and who are grateful that they can read and learn with you!”
The conversation went on for a little longer. Then the Lord and Fraulein Irmingard, who had also arrived in the meantime, shook hands and went out. I stood there, peculiarly touched, and said to Mrs. R.: “That really sounded like a legacy!”- “Yes, I feel quite peculiar too!”
I could say nothing more, went quietly home and prayed. On the next day they came and fetched Him, the LORD.

In June 1938 we all had to leave the Holy Mountain. The earthly power lay in the hands of the Darkness.
Once again, as happened almost 2000 years ago, the Truth-bringer, the longed for Redeemer had not been recognised! HE too was placed into the dungeon. The Crucifixion was carried out morally, in the modern way. He had been made harmless in the opinion of His opponents. But HE did write the HOLY WORD, the Grail Message. HE has fulfilled!
And it will live eternally and outlast everything that there is!

Frau Maria, the Holy Love out of God-Father remained back in the darkness of this earth and with Fraulein Irmingard, the Divine Purity, without whose accompaniment she could not have remained here. She will complete IMANUEL’s work.
But how this for us eternally incomprehensible sacrifice of Love will be accepted and made use of however by us human beings, whether we bring it to life within us and joyfully serving are allowed to ascend upwards, or whether we cast it aside and come crashing down, is a matter for every individual alone. Whoever rejects the WORD, moves away from the Light and thereby from the Bringer of the Light, as well as from Frau Maria and Fraulein Irmingard. A stranger will he be to them, unknown. Fate prepares for him neither joy nor suffering.
Vomperberg, on 9th April 1947.

Author: Sister Rosa Marcus 09th April 1947

Submitted with unconditional Spiritual Divine Love and Celestial Light by Spiritualman.

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