Season’s Point

Charlotte, stood silently looking out to sea. She had made her way along the cliff path from Wembury beach heading towards the Yealm estuary. It was a walk she had done many times. The beauty of the South Devon coast seemed to draw her to witness nature at it’s very best. The Sun, which had cast it’s warm light all day, started to set in a clear vibrant blue sky, creating a gallery of colours, that appeared to include all the spectrum of the light. The Mewstone Rock, and the Cornish coast, blended to embrace the dusk.  Only the cries of gulls interfered with the silence and the gentle passage of the onshore breeze, which rippled her long blonde hair.

She turned, and continued her journey towards the Yealm. Here too, silence prevailed, only interrupted by the calls of fishermen, heading out for a night’s fishing. Reaching the entrance to the estuary at Season’s Point, she sat on the rocks and continued to look seaward. Charlotte, had fallen in love, her heart felt different, never before, had she felt like this. It was a feeling of excitement, but then a sensation of peacefulness. The whole world appeared to be such a wonderful place, when love is found.

As she sat and reflected on the recent events that had change her outlook on life, a tear of happiness rolled down her face, which she gently wiped away with her handkerchief.

Charlotte, gave her thoughts to the wind, and hoped her message of love, would find a home all over the world. Although she had found love, she felt conscious of the hardship and fear that seemed to engulf many people in far off lands. In her mind, she felt their suffering. Why?  Does this happen to people, it felt so unfair. In her contemplations and reasoning, it seemed at the end of arguments and conflicts, the reason that caused them, had long been forgotten. In creation, the word had been designed by the universal light of the stars, to be a sanctuary of peace, in which mankind could enjoy their physical experience. Why then, did the minority of people inflict such suffering on the rest of humanity, who only wanted to live a good life?

Her deep thoughts had been prompted by her concerns for her new love, which had traveled away across the sea, to work to earn some extra money, in order to build a future for them both. Surely he will be kept safe, for he too, had been embraced with love. Again, she called upon the wind, to carry her greetings of love.  She stopped and listened quietly, the breeze appeared to whisper, “I love you too. ”



By Ray Steed

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