Never My Love

Alice had not been well for a long time. As she lay peacefully in her bed, her husband Chris came and sat beside her, and held her hand. “Are you ok love” he enquired, “Yes” Alice replied, “I have just been thinking about us”. Chris looked concerned. “What have you been thinking my love”. Alice looked at him, and smiled gently. “Chris you have been so good to me, ever since the day we met, you have loved me so much. A woman could not wish for more. “She sighed slightly, “You have cared for me always, through all the trials and tribulations of life”. “ Of course”, replied Chris. “I will always remember the day I asked you to marry me”. “Yes, I remember too” she smiled, “It seemed like it was yesterday.” Chris squeezed her hand gently. “Over fifty years ago”. “We were sat in a restaurant, overlooking the sea on Plymouth Hoe”, “I was holding your hand, just as I am now, and I will never forget the record on the juke box”. “Yes”, replied Alice, “It seemed to be reflecting my feelings, I was so nervous”. “Can you remember what it was called?” continued Chris. Alice smiled again, “It was called, Never My Love, it seemed so fitting”.

“Treasured memories Alice”, Chris reflected on that beautiful evening. Alice spoke softly, “The words meant so much to me, it answered all my thoughts. My heart felt so full and wonderful, it missed a beat”.  Chris looked at her. “Do you know, I felt exactly the same? I just cannot explain it in so many words” “That feeling, when two hearts feel if they belong together, it felt wonderful”. Alice looked at her husband and whispered, “I love you”. Chris clasped her hand with both of his. “I love you too Alice, so much”. “Do you know Chris, the words were so special” she continued, “Will you tire of me” “you never have”. “will you loose your desire for me”, you never have, even though life was tough at times”, “ and would you ever change your mind,” “ you did not, When a woman comes to the moment she has waited for since she was a little girl, she has to trust her heart as I did all those years ago, I am so happy, I can not imagine life  without the love we shared, it would not be life, I would have been existence

Chris looked at his wife. “I would not have wished for a better wife, you are all a man could wish for, my heart is full with love for you, you have made my life complete”. He continued, “People say that love such as ours is made in heaven, I must say, it truly feels that way to me” “It seems our feelings for each other merge into one heart full of love”. His wife looked fondly at her husband. “Do you think it will last forever, even when we meet the end of our path on Earth?” “I am sure”, whispered Chris, “Otherwise, what is the purpose of it all”. “Love is the foundation of the universe, the stars, and all the light they bring” “It will always be there for those who seek it”.

Alice turned towards him. “Will you hold me Chris let me feel the beat of your heart”. Chris placed his arm around her and held her close”. As she felt his chest rise and fall with his breath and his heart beat for the last time, she whispered, “I will love you for always my darling”, “I will wait for you”, “I will watch over you”, her words gently faded, as she drifted away to heaven. With a tears in his eyes he murmured, “I love you Alice, wait for me in paradise”.

By Ray Steed,

edited by Kate Whitmarsh